March / April 2017

Odebrecht's shadow: What the expanding bribery scandal means for project finance. Also, Mexico's economy minister discusses reopening NAFTA, IIC CEO reveals expansion plans, Paraguay's finance minister talks growth and a special report on SME financing.

Brazil's Marcelo Allain on infrastructure financing

Brazil Project & Infrastructure Finance Interviews

Brazil's government hopes to attract more investors into infrastructure by increasing returns and revamping concessions contracts, says the secretary of investments and p...

Odebrecht's shadow - Editorial


2017 Finance Ministry Scorecard

Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

In LatinFinance's annual survey of the performance of finance ministries, Peru stands out amid a tough period for the region

Paraguay's infrastructure push deepens

Paraguay Project & Infrastructure Finance Features

Paraguay has a $2 billion pipeline of PPPs, but congressional tie-ups and a lack of depth in the local financial markets are making investors wary

Cash rich and market shy, borrowers approach bond markets cautiously

Bonds Loans Equity

In our 2017 Capital Markets Roundtable, some of Latin America’s most impressive capital markets issuers of 2016 say they will avoid the cross-border debt markets this yea...

A tough time accessing credit is holding back most Latin small businesses

Brazil Colombia Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Big businesses are the exception in Latin America. Yet they still gobble up most of the available corporate credit. Across the region, governments are looking at ways to ...

For Peru’s SMEs, less cumbersome government regulations are just the beginning

Peru Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Peru is dumping onerous rules in a move the government hopes will ease the way for small companies to register, pay tax and offer employee benefits. But business owners s...

Why banks are missing an opportunity when it comes to women-led small businesses

Bonds Structured Finance Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Development organizations are making a business case for financing small and midsize enterprises led by women, but commercial lenders have been slow to catch on. By Stefa...

BNDES’ new SME financing plan could make or break Brazil’s economic recovery

Bonds Structured Finance Brazil

Brazil’s small businesses have been beaten up by years of recession and high interest rates. Now BNDES says it has a solution. If it succeeds, it could give the economy t...

After Lava Jato, even Brazil’s small businesses say compliance is king

Bonds Structured Finance Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

In the wake of Lava Jato, small and midsize businesses are finding that they must improve their compliance procedures to hold on to contracts and borrow money. By Rodrigo...

For Brazil, a slow path ahead

Brazil Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

President Michel Temer has made an aggressive move to reform Brazil’s shrinking economy. Now growth is in sight, but it will take several years to tackle the fiscal mess

Frustration over Trinidad &Tobago's monetary controls is escalating

Caribbean Trinidad & Tobago Economy & Policy

An overvalued currency is hindering access to foreign exchange, in turn hurting small businesses and consumers. By Mat Youkee