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Colombia leaves rates unchanged

Colombia Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Central bank bucks the trend, holds benchmark level at 5.25%

Mexico holds rates

Mexico Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Banxico keeps benchmark interest level at 7% for the second month in a row

Argentina tests bond buyers' limits

Argentina Bonds Funds

The Argentine government has been on a debt spree. With interest running high, corporate issuers appear ready to take the plunge. But can the economically troubled countr...

Interview: Brazil-China Fund

Project & Infrastructure Finance Brazil Funds

A new bilateral fund managed by Brazil and China has billions of dollars to invest. But, as the foreign affairs secretary at Brazil’s Planning Ministry says, the exact st...

LatAm infra markets struggle to shake off corruption

Project & Infrastructure Finance Argentina Brazil

Project finance in Latin America is having another tough year as the effects of the Odebrecht bribery scandal rattle the region. Now political uncertainty in major econom...

Latin America tests anti-corruption measures

Project & Infrastructure Finance Brazil Colombia

In the wake of the Odebrecht bribery scandal, governments across the region are overhauling the way they award and oversee new projects

BNDES sets a new benchmark

Project & Infrastructure Finance Bonds Structured Finance

Brazil's national development bank will move from a subsidized long-term lending rate to a new rate based on the government's borrowing costs, but will short-term pain tr...

Brazil's reforms hang in the balance

Brazil Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Deeply unpopular and tangled in a web of political turmoil, Michel Temer’s chances of executing tough, investor-friendly reforms appear to be shrinking. Now the Brazilian...

Argentina holds rates

Argentina Economy & Policy

Central bank holds the policy rate at 26.25% to keep a lid on inflation

Brazil lowers rates again

Brazil Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Central bank trims the Selic to a four-year low but says the pace of cuts will likely slow down in the coming months

Colombia lowers rates again

Colombia Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Central bank cuts monetary policy figure another 25bp to 5.25% but submits a dovish statement

LatAm FIs show resilience despite slow growth

Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Bonds

Region's banks reveal adequate liquidity through capital markets activity and large client deposits, S&P says

Political risk haunts LatAm credit

Argentina Brazil Colombia

Region’s issuers potentially threatened by unfavorable policy reforms, financing conditions and weaker economic growth, Moody’s says

Mexico announces new CPI

Mexico Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Revised inflation indicator adds more volatility, but has little impact on average figures

Chile holds rates again

Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy Chile

Central bank keeps its monetary policy level at 2% for the third month in a row