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Canada’s pension plans could give Latin American infrastructure a much-needed lift

Argentina Colombia Mexico

As infrastructure developers in Latin America look at more sources for long-term financing, Canada’s big pension plans could step in when banks are not willing to lend

Odebrecht’s bribery scandal casts a shadow over Latin America

Brazil Peru Loans

The shock waves are not just hitting Odebrecht and its partners but also infrastructure and project finance markets across the region

A tough time accessing credit is holding back most Latin small businesses

Brazil Colombia Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Big businesses are the exception in Latin America. Yet they still gobble up most of the available corporate credit. Across the region, governments are looking at ways to ...

For Peru’s SMEs, less cumbersome government regulations are just the beginning

Peru Economy & Policy Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Peru is dumping onerous rules in a move the government hopes will ease the way for small companies to register, pay tax and offer employee benefits. But business owners s...

BNDES’ new SME financing plan could make or break Brazil’s economic recovery

Bonds Structured Finance Brazil

Brazil’s small businesses have been beaten up by years of recession and high interest rates. Now BNDES says it has a solution. If it succeeds, it could give the economy t...

After Lava Jato, even Brazil’s small businesses say compliance is king

Bonds Structured Finance Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

In the wake of Lava Jato, small and midsize businesses are finding that they must improve their compliance procedures to hold on to contracts and borrow money. By Rodrigo...

Microcredit: Blazing a path

Bonds Loans Bolivia

For years, Bolivia has pushed to make microfinance a part of the country’s financial mainstream. Now, several Latin American nations are trying to follow in its footsteps...

Fintech: Gaining traction

Bonds Structured Finance Corporate & Sovereign Strategy

Hundreds of Brazilian startups are snapping at the heels of the country’s biggest banks, but a top-heavy market, complicated regulations and a lack of funding pose hurdle...

Central America Investor Report: Bucking the trend

Argentina Investor Report: Back with a bang

Special Reports Argentina

Dominican Republic Investor Report: The Dominican effect

Bonds Dominican Republic Economy & Policy

The Dominican Republic’s economy is outpacing those of big and small countries alike – across Latin America. And prospects are looking up, thanks to a healthy mix of dome...